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Family Tree


Note: All links to family trees above Grand Master Tim Spellman are to external Web sites.


Approx 1235 Great Grand Master ZENKO YOSHIDA was of the first of 18 generations of Yoshida Grand Masters Blood line. Modern history starts with our 19th Great Grand master of Kenpo/Kosho.

1818 - 1890 Jiroku Yohsida (19th Generation)

1853 - 1936 Sukuhei Yoshida (20th Generation)

Sukuhei is the father of Kiyoko

1890 - 1943/44 Kiyoko Yoshida

1916 - 1983 Masayoshi Mitose (James) (21st Generation)

Ray Arquilla  

Al Tracy  

Tim Teausant  

Tim Spellman


Below is list of Black Belts promoted by Grand Master Timothy Spellman starting a new Family tree, branching from the original founders of Kenpo/Kosho.

Belinda Spellman

Todd Coffey

Matt Trattles

John Ellis

Evan Granquist

Mark Stover